My Maths Passport

My Maths Passport

Our new mental maths project across the school

We have introduced a new mental maths project across the school called the Numeracy Passport. This starts in Reception and works all the way up to Year 6.

How it works:

  1. The children are all issued with a passport which they will keep right up to the end of year 6.
  2. In Reception they will start on a pre-passport programme which we are calling their suitcase.
  3. The passport welcomes them to different regions starting with Europe, and moving on to Asia, Africa, South Africa, Australasia, Antarctica, North America & South America. They then become Globetrotters before taking off to the Moon (Lunar) and then out of our solar system (Intergalactic).
  4. In order to progress from one region to the next they need to achieve a number of mental Maths targets (each target has to be achieved 3 times). The targets are outlined below.
  5. The targets are incorporated into the children’s oral and mental starters on a daily basis.
  6. Children will be assessed on these targets at regular intervals by completing a timed task.
  7. Each target has to be achieved without error three times. When all the targets in a region have been met three times then the target has been achieved and the children are ready for the next region.
  8. When a region has been completed the children will receive a certificate. They then move on to the next region and a new set of targets.

We are currently carrying out initial assessments to ensure children start the passport in an appropriate place. We are very excited about this initiative and are expecting it to help raise standards in our school.

The targets:


  • Count from 1 to 100
  • Say 1 more than any number between 0 & 100
  • Say 1 less than any number between 0 & 100


  • Count in 2s
  • Count in 5s
  • Count in 10s
  • Know all number bonds to ten (1+9, 2+8 etc.)
  • Know doubles of all numbers to 10


  • Know division facts for 2 up to 24
  • Know 5 times table to 60
  • Know division facts for 5 up to 60
  • Know 10 times table to 120
  • Know division facts for 10 up to 120


  • Know sums and differences of multiples of 10 up to 100 (70+50, 90-30 etc.)
  • Know all number bonds to 100
  • Know 3 times table to 36
  • Know division facts for 3 up to 36
  • Know 4 times table to 48


  • Know division facts for 4 up to 48
  • Know 6 times table to 72
  • Know division facts for 6 up to 72
  • Know 8 times table to 96
  • Know division facts for 8 up to 96
  • Recognise multiples of 2, 5 & 10 up to 1000

North America

  • Double any 2 digit number
  • Halve any 2 digit number
  • Know 7 times table to 84
  • Know division facts for 7 up to 84
  • Know 9 times table to 108
  • Know division facts for 9 up to 108

South America

  • Double any number with up to 1 decimal place
  • Halve any number with up to 1 decimal place
  • Know 11 times table to 132
  • Know division facts for 11 up to 132
  • Recall quickly multiplication facts up to 12×12 and use them to multiply pairs of multiples of 10 & 100 (30×70, 40×200 etc.)
  • Know all tables facts to 12×12


  • Know 12 times table to 144
  • Know division facts for 12 up to 144
  • Know square numbers from 12 to 122
  • Know squares of multiples of 10 (702, 502 etc.)
  • Recognise and recall factors of numbers to 100 and multiples of 100


  • Simplify fractions
  • Calculate fractions of quantities
  • Find percentages (75, 50, 25, 10, 20% etc.) of quantities or measurements
  • Find fractional parts of quantities or measurements


  • Find the nth term in a sequence
  • Compare proportions using the equivalence of decimals, fractions and percentages
  • Know the squares of all numbers to 202
  • Know the square roots of the above
  • Understand and use BODMAs in calculations.
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