Your Kind Letters

Your Kind Letters

We have been overwhelmed by the kind words we have received throughout the year. We wanted to share these with you.

Letters to the School

I am writing to you and your team to thank you all for looking after and educating my granddaughter Emily Gardiner.
Emily is just about to start a new stage of her life at Hailsham Community College, but we know she has been well equipped for this by the excellent teaching and pastoral services at Polegate School.  Since meeting her from school when she was in Reception to her last day in Year 6 I have always seen her come out with a smile on her face.  In fact all the children coming out of the School have had happy faces and look completely relaxed.  This is a reflection of the great care and work that all the team take at Polegate School.
We have greatly enjoyed attending assembly's, productions at the Congress Theatre, fetes and a whole host of other events.  Emily really enjoyed her recent trip to Paris and was talking about her school trip to Hindleap Warren the other day.  All these experiences have enhanced her personality and I am sure she will remember them into her adulthood. So please take a moment to think of the great work you all do, I know we all value it highly.

Many thanks again

Dear Everyone at Polegate School,
Thank you so much for all the help and support everyone has given me. I am so grateful I was placed at Polegate, it is a fantastic school with very polite students and a lovely team of staff. I have been made to feel so welcome and I have learnt so much during my time here.

Dear All at Polegate School,
Just a quick line to thank you all so much for making me so welcome during my time here in school. I truly couldn’t have wished for a more inspiring first placement – the staff have been so friendly and supportive and the children a joy to work with. I have learnt so much here, so thank you again.

Dear Polegate School,
I just felt I had to drop you a line to commend the school on the Year 5 YouTube channel for Hindleap! What a fantastic idea – and I know everyone is enjoying watching the videos.
I’m missing Alfie lots and I haven’t even spotted him in any of the pictures or videos yet but just seeing how much support and encouragement they are all showing to each other during the activities has filled me with so much pride! (I even had a little tear!) What a lovely year group! I can’t wait to hear all his stories – you can’t put a price on what they gain from such experiences.

Thanks again

We are both very happy with my daughter’s progress at school. She has settled into Year 1 perfectly and loves coming to school now. She often says how much she likes her teacher and she feels happier with her friends. Her reading has improved well and she often reads to herself at breakfast. She loves to draw, write and colour at home.
I would like to thank the teacher for all the hard work – you have made a big difference to my daughter in such a short time.

My daughter has settled in very well in year one. She loves her teacher and loves being at school. She is happy to tell me what she has done at school. Overall I am very happy with my daughter’s progress so far.

You might find interesting the fact that Polegate’s response to my daughter’s bullying was amongst the best compared to the experience of other parents…. in both independent and state schools. An experienced child/adolescent psychologist chaired the parents session, and he also commented that he felt our school had responded very well.

Just a quick line to say thank you for taking my son into his class this morning. What a wonderful way for him to start the day. We understand how busy you are and it is a credit to you that you take the time to do small things like this. These small gestures are what set you apart from others and show you genuinely care about the school and pupils. Even my wife came home with a big smile on her face so pleased that Finlay had gone into school so happy.

My son has been working hard and I am very pleased with the progress he is making in year 4. He has done very well to become a member of the School Council. He takes this role seriously and is very proud, as am I.
I have noticed a fantastic improvement in his handwriting. I know that this is an area that he has found tricky, but his efforts have paid off and he is now presenting his work beautifully. Both Karate and the Secret Book Club are groups that Jerome has joined and is enjoying them very much. I am very pleased he is at such a wonderful school.

My daughter has had another very enjoyable term and has really enjoyed the WW2 topic. She really likes her teacher and the way he explains things. We are thoroughly impressed with the dedication and professionalism of the staff at Polegate School.

I am continually impressed by the commitment of your team to ensure that the potential is maximised in all pupils and that they continue to progress even when “target levels” have been attained. It must take considerable energy to maintain enthusiasm across the spectrum of ability.

I would like to say that I really enjoyed being a cabin boy for the day. It was great fun to dress up with my friends. The day was great because we did lots of activities. My favourite was sleeping in the hammocks and scrubbing the decks. I just wanted to say thank you to you and Mrs Kulsdom for making it so much fun for us.
I just wanted to thank you and your staff for another great year at Polegate School. My son has been with Miss Franks and I think she is a truly wonderful teacher – so kind and very approachable. I sometimes help out and I know the class love her. Also I thought Olympic week was good fun as was the swimming gala.
Congratulations on your first year as head.

Time of our Lives Congress Show Reviews

May I congratulate you and the many people who helped on Thursday night’s performance at the Congress. It was a fantastic night with amazing performances by everyone who took part. The logistics of getting so many children in the right place at the right time (and quietly!) was most impressive. We truly appreciate all your efforts (above and beyond the call of duty) to give the children such an inspirational and hugely enjoyable challenge. I know Jemma thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, being particularly impressed when she discovered that she had used the same dressing rooms as the ‘stars’ who appear at the Congress.

Thank you to you all

Having attended Strictly Polegate last night, as a grandparent of one of your pupils, I must say a bit ‘Well Done’! The whole performance was a credit to the pupils, staff and parents of the school. We really enjoyed the whole show and hope you will repeat it next year. How you managed to rehearse the children and staff together with your normal teaching schedule I do not know

Again, thank you all.

Wow! What an amazing evening!
Please pass on our thanks to everyone for a wonderful show, we honestly think that was the best one yet. Every sketch was so well organised and we loved the ‘behind the scenes’ video clips in between – great idea. Good to see Mr Hale has yet to group up!
Best Wishes from the Roberts Family

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I enjoyed the Strictly Polegate production last night. It was a fabulous evening from start to finish and I am not surprised you are so proud of your pupils and staff. Thank you so much for inviting me and no matter how tired the whole school is today, be assured that it was worth every moment of effort.

Just wanted to say well done for such a great show last night. You and the team should all be very proud of what you achieved.
One of the highlights was definitely the staff routine ….. seamless, and that’s just the tights!!

Hi, well all I can say is ‘Wow’ What an amazing show. We had a brilliant night being entertained. Loved watching the behind the scenes footage, which really showed how much hard work everyone put in. Each act was fantastic. I loved the style of the strictly theme with all you actors and I will not forget the staff act – still giggling now! We were amazed at how your staff looked after the children watching the show. An absolutely seamless night and I can’t thank you all enough. The best show ever!

Aidan and Tristan enjoyed every moment and are so proud. Also seeing the parents walk about the theatre bursting with pride was wonderful to see too. Thank you very much

Thank you for a fantastic evening it was a pleasure and a privilege to be there.

Just wanted to say a huge well done to you, the staff and especially the children. Last nights performance was absolutely fantastic and it makes me so proud to be a parent and a governor at such a great school. The dedication and hard work that you and the staff put in was clear to see on the stage, every child was beaming with not only with smiles and excitement but also a pride in their school. Polegate is a very special place where children have the best start and most amazing opportunities, this is all down to you and the staff – thank you so much

Big shouts out to Polegate School for putting on a stage show last night at the Congress Theatre that a performing arts school would have been proud of. The organisation it must have took to put that together and execute it was phenomenal. Everyone involved, from the kids to the teachers, should be congratulated to the highest degree. My child is only in Reception at the moment so it is hard to tell but if they carry out their teaching methods in a similar realm to the same standards that was displayed last night, then Polegate School should be used as a flagship to the whole country on how to teach our next generation.

I was asked if I enjoyed the show, and I said it was great. It was great, but the honest answer to that is that it was awesome! I wanted to cry before it even started because the whole auditorium was palpable with pride. I wanted to yell at everyone to shut up and listen because those kids had practiced so much, and I’m so jealous that you get to spend your time with my kids when they must be having the best fun at school and I feel so inadequate at home! You all do an amazing job and I’m so pleased that our kids enjoy so much at school. Well done

I am Annabelle’s Nana and I just wanted to say how fantastic the show was and how very much I enjoyed it. Such a lot of hard work for both pupils and staff which certainly paid off. Thank you so much.

To all staff and everyone involved at last Thursday’s spectacular performance at the Congress.
A big, big, big ‘thank you’ for a truly magnificent experience.

Tears of laughter and tears of joy…. an overwhelming feeling. Thank you for everything you do at Polegate School.

To all the children and teachers at Polegate School,
Your concert took my breath away. I cannot believe what you all achieved! The songs, dancing, solo acts, duets and wonderful presentation has made such an impression. Thank you all

Just wanted to write to thank you and your staff for the wonderful evening on Thursday. I attended because of my granddaughter and had no idea what to expect, but was moved and amazed by the children’s performance. There was such a fantastic atmosphere about the whole evening. Congratulations to everyone involved.

‘Wonderful Show’
Just wanted to express how much I enjoyed the show last Thursday evening, everything and everyone was first class. You all must have worked extremely hard and what patience you have teaching ‘young ones’ to act, sing and dance, especially Reception. Your hard work certainly paid off and you must feel very proud. Thank you for giving us such an entertaining evening.

Hi, just a quick note to say what a fabulous show the school put on last week. The kids had so much fun and what a great experience and opportunity for them. Thank you, it must have taken a monumental effort from all your staff and is greatly appreciated.

Twitter Quotes

Such an amazing show. A huge well done to everyone for putting this spectacular event together.

Awesome, blown away, top night, top kids, top teachers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Polegate strictly rules.

I could not be more proud. Thank you to the wonderful pupils and teachers at school.

Brilliant from start to finish

Polegate School – you should be very proud.

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