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What is Makaton?

Makaton is a non-verbal language system that uses signs and symbols to help people communicate.

Makaton is beneficial to aid communication for all children. It helps develop listening and attention, social skills, fine motor, reading, spelling, friendships and confidence. Makaton is very enjoyable for children and extremely inclusive. Some children even begin singing when they are babies!

Staff at Polegate Primary are trained in using Makaton and it is regularly used in school to support children to develop communication, language and literacy skills. It also supports integration, as children with and without language difficulties can communicate. See our ‘signs of the week’ to keep up to date with the signs children are learning in school. See if you can use them at home!  

Top tips for signing with your child:

  • Make sure you always speak when you sign – this can help to promote speech development
  • Face your child so that they can see your hands, the signs and your facial expressions
  • Use clear, short sentences and use the sign or symbol for the important word in the sentence
  • Guide your child’s hands so they can feel what it’s like to perform the sign
  • Give your child lots of opportunities to practise the signs – try to work them into your daily routine.

Happy Signing!

More Makaton Information

You can also see more Makaton being used in the Cbeebies programme Mr Tumble. There is also the Signing hands UK Youtube channel which posts lots of Makaton related content. Finally, you can find great support materials on the official Makaton website.

Links to access all the above can be found below:

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