Results at Polegate

Results at Polegate

In relation to our pupils’ capabilities and starting points they achieve high standards.

All groups of pupils are making rapid progress and attainment is rising. Over the last six years, pupils’ progress has accelerated rapidly. This is consistent across year groups. Our pupils have excellent attitudes towards learning. In a pupil survey when asked about what was special about the school a high percentage mentioned ‘learning’. Children enter Reception with a wide range of needs, with some children at and others below typical levels of development for their age. They make excellent progress is secured through highly individualised programmes that support both learning and personal development. 


In 2016-2017 the tests changed as did the way that results are reported and progress measured. This can’t be compared to previous years. Our progress continues to be outstanding even with the new raised expectations. We are in the top 25% of schools across the country.

Key Stage 1 Results
Reading Expected87748876
Reading Greater Depth48245225
Writing Expected63668568
Writing Greater Depth28134016
Maths Expected75738675
Maths Greater Depth35184021
Key Stage 2 Results
Reading Expected72666871
Reading Greater Depth17193025
Writing Expected82758176
Writing Greater Depth22152518
Maths Expected83708775
Maths Greater Depth10172523
Progress and scaled score
 ReadingWritingMathsReadingWriting Maths
Scaled Score102.5102.6104103.3103.3104.9

KS2 Attainment 2017 - Actual Results


Average Scaled Score (Re, Ma). In line with the national average (104.1).


% Expected standard + (Re, Wri, Ma). In line with the national average (61%).

KS2 Progress 2017 - Value Added


Average Scaled Score (Re, Ma). Significantly above the national average (0).


% Expected standard + (Re, Wri, Ma). In line with the national average (0).

Key Stage 1 Test Results 2014 – 2015

In Key Stage 1 Assessments are carried out by the Teachers using their professional judgement. National Tests are used to support and verify these judgements. Traditionally our teachers have been “hard” markers being reluctant to award a level unless they are absolutely confident that a child is secure working at that level on a consistent base.

Key Stage 1 Results 2014 - 2015
 Level 2B+Level 3Level 2B+

Level 3

 PolegateES Nat PolegateESNat PolegateESNat PolegateESNat
Reading90 798129 293190 839046 3331
Writing77 697019 161687 748625 1916
Maths79 798024 242487 849236 2624

Year 1 Phonics screening check

87% of our pupils are working at the expected level this exceeds national and county results.

Year 1 phonic screening outcomes
2013 met the expected standard2014 met the expected standard2015 met the expected standard2016 met the expected standard2017 met the expected standard
PolegateEast SussexPolegateEast SussexPolegateEast SussexPolegateEast SussexPolegateEast Sussex

Pupil Progress

Ofsted continues to place more emphasis now on progress and it is a much fairer reflection for the pupils as it takes into account their starting point. The progress our pupils make is outstanding:
In 2014-2015 our attainment was:

  • 98% of our pupils reach or exceed expected progress in reading compared to 91% nationally
  • 52% make better than expected progress, compared to 33% nationally in reading
  • 100% of our pupils reach or exceed expected progress in writing compared to 94% nationally
  • 75% make better than expected progress compared to 36% nationally in writing
  • 98% of our pupils reach or exceed expected progress in Maths compared to 90% nationally
  • 44% make more than expected progress compared to 34%

We now have a 6 year rising trend in our results. The progress made by our pupils is significantly above the national average. In reading, writing and maths combined we are placed in the top 1% of the country for progress made- 92% of our pupils reach the expected standard in reading, writing and maths combined.

A Chart to show Results at Key Stage 2 - 2014-2015

Key Stage 2 Results 2014 - 2015
 Level 4+Level 5Level 4+

Level 5

 PolegateES Nat PolegateES Nat PolegateES Nat PolegateES  Nat
Reading958889434950938989 394748 
Writing888586 333333978887483736
Maths938586 453742958687303641
RWM877879 232124928080202224
& Grammar
887477 624952827680464956


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Arts Council England Gold Award
IQM Centre of Excellence
QiSS Award
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